Website Complete... and we built it ourselves!

It has been a rewarding yet challenging journey for Roger and I to start Mills Eloge Homes.  I don't think we underestimated the amount of work required to start a new business as much as we did the time it takes to get the operations set up.  If you're not careful to control how you do business before the business controls you, you may look back with regret, wondering how you missed the opportunity to get it right from the beginning. 

One early challenge that was critical to our future success was our website.  The website needed to tell our story and give interested clients a sense of who we are and how we do things.  Having worked with website developers in the past, the thought of attacking the construction of the site seemed both daunting and expensive.  Visions of many hours of back and forth edits and the subsequent invoices to follow, led us to look into building the site ourselves.  We had seen the ads on TV for such sites, but neither of us had any experience with building a website.  Squarespace was an option that - based on their ads - looked appealing.  Its a template based website creator that is built through their website.  Their templates are more visual and focus on displaying and communicating through images.  It seemed like a good fit for our company and our industry.  Squarespace also seemed very affordable as a monthly service that included securing a domain name and email hosting. 

After signing up, the tutorial watching began and instantly it seemed like a feasible solution to building our site.  We dove right in and after several early blunders, it all started to click.  Though it is template based, you can customize the look to meet your needs.  Once we mastered the functionality of the template and page builders, it was really all about content.  Admittedly, it took us several weeks to build it completely, but we are proud to announce that the site is officially live!  In fact, his is our first blog created from within our website.  Look for more in the future that will focus on home building, renovating, maintaining your existing home, as well as some interesting anecdotes about our experiences starting a new business.  Thanks and be sure to check out our new website!