Mills Eloge provides a positive and remarkable homebuilding experience.

An Intelligent Approach

At Mills Eloge, we take an intelligent approach.  We believe in taking a simple approach to a process that is often frustrating and complicated. In order to redefine the customer experience, Mills Eloge focuses on several often undervalued and critical aspects of the project.


We believe in an honest and transparent relationship with our clients.  Our clients will see a detailed summary of the project costs and our fees are disclosed upfront. We believe that certain project costs are fixed based on the design of the home, but many other costs are variable.  We want to put the control of these variables in the hands of the client.  Mills Eloge will act as a guide to help our clients keep the project within budget.


Lack of communication is often the pitfall of a custom home project.  Mills Eloge places a high value on keeping the customer informed and involved on a daily basis.  We will use software, a proprietary mobile app, and cameras to keep the client up to date to on progress and changes to the schedule or scope of work in real time.  Selections and allowances are recorded and tracked through the software to not only keep the details organized, but also to allow the client to see a live snapshot of the project's financial status.


Building a luxury custom home requires the collaboration of many talented individuals.  The ability to assemble this team can define a builder's reputation.  The design, quality, and craftsmanship of a home is the direct reflection of the quality of the team.  Mills Eloge has established relationships with the best architects, brokers, vendors, and subcontractors in Charlotte.  These relationships are built on the foundations of trust, honesty, fairness, and good communication.  Our core focus on these values is critical to our success and is paramount to the client's experience.


Mills Eloge is not a price driven builder.  We believe in working with clients who appreciate the value of our experience, our process, our creativity, and our ability to assemble the best team.  We want all of our clients to feel good about the value of their new home, we want them to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship we provide, we want them to take pride in their creation, and most importantly, we want to have provided a remarkable homebuilding experience